Lost in the narrative, part two

Earlier this week, I lamented (in rather killjoy fashion) that getting caught up in one’s own life narrative is only to get caught up in something that doesn’t have to be. Allow me to clarify why this is a thing. Speaking from my own experience and by observation, I’ve seen many a person—myself included—get frustrated when their life’s narrative is thrown off or altered in … Continue reading Lost in the narrative, part two

Lost in the narrative, part one

Humans love a good story. Though at times I feel like I have the memory of a 55-year-old brain in a 26-year-old body, even I can remember stories told me from years ago. Scout camp, sixth grade story time, family reunions—you name it—the stories remain with me, and in striking detail. Great life teachers—at least the ones I’ve encountered—generally teach via analogy, constantly using stories … Continue reading Lost in the narrative, part one

Op-ed: to myself

Good afternoon, Myself: You once dreamed of changing the world, while many in the world dreamed of changing you. Every day you read the words of thought “leaders,” hoping to better understand this world so that one day your life and your words would resonate deeply into the fabric of society, spreading like fire to a dry plain the pleasant tune of a peaceful, inspiring, … Continue reading Op-ed: to myself